Reseller Program

Why Reseller Program?
  • Pre-optimized And Secured
  • True White Label Solution
  • True Value Partnership

Our reseller program is something each startup company or freelancers will be intending to go with for starting their E-Business without any investments needed. This whitelabel reseller program is most suitable for all the companies who wish to keep their resellership privacy. Don’t want to invest on Virtualization Application, Control Panels and Dedicated Servers. Want to start a hassle free web hosting company. Our Dual Reseller Program will be suitable for your needs.

Reseller Program
Reseller Program

When we say Dual Reseller Program, Oh! Yes we really have two programs for you to select:

In this program, a bunch of reseller slabs are available for you. Initially you will be eligible with Bronze Slab, having 1 active VPS Service under your profile. A unique fixed discount coupon provided to you once you sign up to this program under Bronze Slab. You will be able to reach next level discount slab once you reach eligible number of active services for new slab. You can use your reseller discount coupon or any public released discount coupons (Only One Coupon per Order) while subscribing to the service.

Features Involved in this Program:

  • Unique Reseller Discount Coupon is provided for ordering the service.
  • End client support is provided, you need to open support ticket in our client area.
  • More VPS`s you order, cheaper the price gets.
  • A White Label Solution, where your client only gets an IP and root/administrator access. Monitor all the client VPS`s in a single control panel access.
  • More than 25 Operating Systems available for one single click!
2-10 VPS 7% Discount
11-20 VPS 10% Discount
21-30 VPS 15% Discount
31+ VPS 20% Discount

A Very flexible resource based reseller program, will give full authority over Solusvm Control Panel, through which you can create VPS Plans, Provide Solusvm Access to Client, Instant VPS Setup and many more features is availed to your clients. You need to just buy any of the below Resource Based Packages (Bandwidth, Disk Space, IP`s etc.). This is a hassle free solution, where you need not worry about Installing/Reinstalling Operating System or enabling features like TUN/TAP, RDNS and Check Bandwidth Usage.

VPS Reseller Features:

  • You get a Reseller VPS Account to completely manage your clients VPS, from suspending, to booting, to changing the root password. This includes adding and deleting clients/VPS accounts.
  • Set your own prices. You decide what price you want to sell them at.
  • Your client gets his own account as well to manage his VPS
  • Fully unbranded. There is no CtrlSwitches links anywhere, and the website address to login is also unbranded
  • Over 25 possible OS for your clients to use.
No. of VPS HDD Space And RAM Bandwidth IP Addresses Price Order
3 200GB – 2GB RAM 7000GB 3 24Euros/mo. Order Now
5 300GB – 3GB RAM 10000GB 5 42Euros/mo. Order Now
10 500GB – 6GB RAM 20000GB 10 92 Euros/mo. Order Now
20 1TB – 12GB RAM 30000GB 22 199 Euros/mo. Order Now
50 4TB – 24GB RAM 70000GB 60 449Euros/mo. Order Now
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